My Nightly Routine with Blue Monarch By Lilit Martirosyan

by Blue Monarch

Masks are my favorite skincare product and I was super excited when I found Blue Monarch’s “Monarch Mask,” a daily mask with ingredients like chocolate, charcoal, clay and herbs. I dislike that often we’re only allowed to apply on a mask once a week because of how harsh it can be for our skin. This mask is different because it’s natural and doesn’t contain any parabens, silicones, sulfates, synthetics, and artificial fragrance or colors. My favorite time to apply my new favorite face mask is at night, during a quick 10-15 minute meditation. This incredible multi-tasker leaves my skin clean, glowing, and firm. I will honestly never go without my new nightly routine again. Did I mention it’s cruelty free and vegan? All of their amazing products are so keep reading to see what I like to apply after my mask to keep my skin baby soft!

After my mask is off and my pores are squeaky clean I apply on their Face Mist & Toner to close my pores. With ingredients like rose water and orange blossom it’s super gentle on the skin and, unlike other toners, it doesn’t dry out or cause irritation. If you have sensitive skin and aren’t able to use toners daily you should definitely give this product a try. You can also apply it over your makeup as a mist to give you a mid-day pick-me-up for your skin.

Right after my toner I apply on Blue Monarch’s Anti-Aging Face Oil, which makes my skin incredibly soft and visibly fights the signs of aging. I’ve been using it for such a short while and my skin is plumper, thanks to ingredients like organic extra olive oil and a blend of anti-aging seed and nut oils. It’s never too early to establish a nightly routine and I’ve found just the right products for all my needs thanks to Blue Monarch!

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