Freshen Your Skin and Fix Your Makeup with Face Mist & Toner

by Blue Monarch

Even if you have an arsenal of skincare products as part of your daily skincare routine, there is one tool of the skincare trade that often gets overlooked. Toner deserves some serious time to shine in the spotlight, especially when compared to other products. This simple product is such a capable multi-tasker that all women should rely on one for optimal skincare, no matter their skin type. 

Of course, as with all skincare products, not all toners are created equal. Whenever possible, it’s best to opt for the most natural formulation, made with certified organic ingredients and developed with professional attention to skincare sensitivities. Blue Monarch Alcohol-Free Face Mist & Toner is an ideal choice to achieve skin that is hydrated, balanced, and energized. Let’s not forget that face mists and toners are also perfect for prepping and setting your makeup, leaving you with an overall flawless finish.

Here are some facts about face mists and toners that you’ll want to bear in mind for your best skincare and makeup application yet…

The Differences Between Face Mists & Toners

When we talk about the difference between face mists and toners, a good place to start is the difference in application between the two. Generally speaking, a toner is applied using a cotton ball or pad. A simple swipe over your face will help remove excess oil and dead skin cells, resulting in clearer skin and the reduced appearance of pores. On the other hand, face mists are delivered with a quick spritz or spray and are a great way to hydrate and invigorate your skin, even on the move.

So, which one is right for you? 

We would argue both because face mists and toners are formulated for different purposes... 

The Purpose of Face Mists & Toners

What does that invigorating spritz from your face mist actually do? To start with, it provides hydration via ingredients like essential oils, helping to combat dry skin, especially when traveling, working in an office, or during the colder winter months. The bonus is that, unlike moisturizer, a quick spray of mist won’t smudge or remove your makeup. 

In fact, face mist actually helps prep your skin for a smoother makeup application and even assists with blending for a more natural finish. You can actually get more out of your favorite masks and moisturizers by applying your face mist first. Why? Similar to a damp compared to dry sponge, damp skin better absorbs the beneficial ingredients in your products, like the all-natural rose water, orange blossom water, and chicory water found in Blue Monarch Face Mist & Toner. 

The other half of this product duo -- the toner -- is responsible for balancing your skin’s pH balance and shrinking pores, better protecting your skin from environmental impurities found outside and even in tap water. If you’re in a pinch, your toner can also act as a cleanser, removing excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. 

Ultimately, products like Blue Monarch Face Mist & Toner provide a one-two punch of skincare defense to your daily routine. 

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