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by Blue Monarch

Blue Monarch: Natural Products For Your Skin

By Perla Sofía Curbelo Santiago

Relief is one of the definitions that we can find in the dictionary for the word balm. Something that we can also find when we spend time in our yards and gardens.

Planting has numerous benefits. Example of this, produce food, beautify our landscape and keep us active in its broadest sense. In addition, in this natural environment we can obtain the basic ingredients for ointments and remedies for the relief of many ailments.

We rarely discuss how we treat physical injuries and the mistreatment to which we expose our skin after our sowing activities. Care that we must assume, almost immediately, to reduce risks to our health and prolong the enjoyment of this magnificent activity.

After your activities in the garden and / or orchard, wash your hands (and nails) well and humélas to keep them soft and healthy. Photo:

Washing hands profusely has immediate benefits. It helps to remove dirt from the skin and nails; to disinfect scrapes and bumps; and to clean substances with which we had had contact while we sow.

Also, it will make a big difference to treat them with products that provide relief and not more problems.

Precisely, several months ago I met Mojgan (Moj) Brumby, a Persian businesswoman and resident in Puerto Rico, who in a workshop on floral arrangements, founded her Blue Monarch product line in 2016. Using his knowledge in Persian natural remedies, family recipes, some that have passed from one generation to another, Moj undertook the task of looking for a simple alternative for skin care, free of artificial or synthetic components.

Mojgan (Moj) Brumby researched and tested skin products for two years before launching its line of natural products. Photo:

The businesswoman, who only prepares small quantities of each of her products, uses natural and organic ingredients such as calendula, Persian rose and lavender, among others. Their products can also be used for the delicate skin of a baby.

The first ointments that Moj prepared were for his godson Jordan and since then it has been one of his greatest inspirations for this project that took him about two years of research and experimentation prior to its launch. In addition, Blue Monarch has begun to offer its line of herbs and spices.

A couple of months ago, Moj gave me a sample of several of his products so I could taste them and thus share my experience. I tried (and I'm still using one of them) the Coffee Coconut Soapexfoliant, the Natural Healing Salve  balm and one of its Goat Milk Lavender Soap  soaps.

I used the products for the first time in those days I was suffering from a very uncomfortable itching in my body and, in addition, my forearms were full of deep scratches, the result of the thorns of my lemon tree.

Although the itching of my skin was more related to the stress and tension I was going through at that time, if I must say it was a relief to bathe with him. Even to wash my face.

About the lesions left by the spines of the lemon tree I smeared the balm and I must say that in several days they healed without leaving obvious marks.

Here I share details of each of the products that I used, and that have been made by hand by Moj: 

Soap based on goat milk and lavender. Look at the product in ->

Goat Milk Lavender Soap

This bar is made with coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil and lavender essential oil. Calm and freshness are the first sensations when you wash with it. It is perfect to wash your hands after performing transplants in the yard. Use a small brush, a little soap and rub your nails to remove the dirt.

Ointment based on lavender, roses and calendula. Excellent soothing for dry and irritated skin. Natural Healing Salve  . Photo:

Natural Healing Salve

This ointment, which comes in a violet bottle, I'm still using. It is made with organic coconut oil, olive oil, French lavender, Persian roses and calendula (natural painkiller). It smells exquisite. Of course, you only need a little to moisturize your skin. Its consistency is pasty. It absorbs quickly, so you will not have a greasy or slippery skin feeling. I used it on scrapes and recently I started using it on a wound on the finger of the heart (recently healed)

Tip: Before you go to sleep, exfoliate your hands, and instead of cream, apply a little of this balm and put on some gloves. The next day, besides smelling very good, your hands will be super soft.

Exfoliating coffee and coconut. Look at the product in ->

Coffee Coconut Soup

This natural exfoliating bar is made with fine coffee flour (does not erase it), organic coconut oil and olive oil. It is the perfect exfoliant to eliminate waste products with which we have come into contact in the yard and do not leave so quickly with soap and water. Take advantage and use it for your elbows, forearms and hands. When you take off your boots or shoes, use it to exfoliate your heels and soles. Of course, it smells like coffee, but slight, so you will not end up smelling of freshly brewed coffee. As it uses fine ground grain it will not be abrasive to the skin.

Tip: Before bed, exfóliate the feet, get a little of the Natural Healing Salve and put on some stockings. The next day, in addition to smelling rich, your feet will be very soft and relaxed.

Moj, in addition to providing relief to our skin through its products, also brings balm to other people. A percentage of what you sell through  is destined for orphanages and shelters for women and children survivors of abuse, both here on the Island and in other parts of the United States. In addition, for every three soaps sold, one is donated to an aid center.

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