Safeguard Your Skin Against Seasonal Change

by Blue Monarch

As the seasons change, your skin is at the mercy of colder weather. Dryness, dehydration, and chapped skin often results from time spent both outdoors and inside. Watching weather forecasts of the mercury dropping sends many of us hurrying to the turn up the heat in our homes. Unfortunately, the combination of cold air outside and warm air indoors can damage your skin. 

But, defending yourself against seasonal dryness is simple, provided you have the right solution. In this case, reaching for natural, chemical and alcohol-free products is the best way to keep your skin hydrated and happy against the challenging cold season. A safe bet when it comes to safeguarding your skin against seasonal change is found in Blue Monarch’s natural soaps and super-moisturizing products, like our lavender rose body oil

Why Go Natural this Winter Season?

The beauty of all-natural, chemical and alcohol-free products, like Blue Monarch’s natural soaps, comes down to simple, healthy ingredients that you can trust. Synthetic, or man-made ingredients and processes associated with most major skincare lines can irritate your skin, worsening symptoms of dryness and dehydration. This is especially true during colder weather, when your body is already struggling to maintain its moisture balance.

Blue Monarch’s selection of natural soaps is the solution you need to weather the winter season and keep your skin healthy and hydrated. The all-natural ingredients in each of these soaps are superior to other products on the market because they are food-grade, rather than industrial grade, indicative of truly natural, organic sources. 

In addition to featuring all-natural, organic ingredients, Blue Monarch soaps are cured for a minimum of six weeks, removing the need for alcohol, which is often relied upon to speed up the soap curing process. As we know, alcohol is a drying agent and harmful to your skin. 

Blue Monarch goes even one step further, packaging these soaps in natural fiber tissue paper, further ensuring their natural quality and condition. 

Which Natural Soap Should I Choose this Winter Season?  

Starting with Blue Monarch’s Coffee Coconut Soap, made from organic coconut and extra virgin olive oils, as well as organic and fair trade coffee powder, this soap is every coffee lover’s choice. 

Calendula Orange Soap features a unique twist developed by our founder -- the use of dried flowers for exfoliation. Calendula petals are combined with the energizing, all-natural fragrance provided by orange essential oil -- a perfect pick-me-up to invigorate your skin and your senses. 

Known to inspire feelings of calm, the dried lavender petals in Blue Monarch’s Lavender Rose Soap also exfoliate, while delivering a spirit-soothing scent to your cleansing experience. 

Sometimes, even using natural and organic products isn’t quite enough for those with skin sensitivities. If you struggle with skin sensitivities, Blue Monarch’s Goat Milk Soap for Sensitive Skin is designed to soothe your skincare woes. Available unscented, or in orange and lavender fragrances, this nourishing formula is even suitable for babies. 

The Finishing Touch for Strong Skin this Winter Season

After you’ve cleansed with one of the all-natural soaps featured above, treat your skin to an extra shot of hydration with Blue Monarch’s Lavender Rose Body Oil. Infused with Persian rose and French lavender, you’ll notice a serious improvement in your skin’s moisture and overall glow. What’s more, you’ll provide that extra layer of protection for your skin, whether you’re venturing out or staying cozy at home.

Safeguard your skin from seasonal change this winter by opting for Blue Monarch’s all-natural, innovative skincare products. 

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