"Under The Mask"

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Coronavirus masks are now officially part of our daily outfit and causing all sorts of  skin irritation and acne. Use these three products daily to minimize the damage.

This package includes the following


-Gentle Facial Cleanser

Designed For:​ This facial cleanser treats all skin types, especially dry and sensitive.

ProductIt leaves skin smooth, nourished, refreshed, and clean.

Suggested Use:​ Pump once or twice on a wet natural sea sponge or palm of your wet hand, lather, massage over your face and neck, rinse off.


-Alcohol-Free Face Mist and Toner

Designed For:​ For all skin types.

Product: Alcohol-Free Face Mist and Toner; hydrates, refines pores, sets makeup, removes dark spots and reverses, other signs of aging and skin damage. It not only balances, tones, rejuvenates, and revitalizes but also soothes, calms stressed skin.

Suggested Use:​ After using our Gentle Facial Cleanser, spray the mist on your face to close pores, balance, and hydrate your skin. With daily use, it will remove dark spots over time. If you start to feel tired during the day, you can also spritz your face for a refreshing pick-me-up. This mist will also set makeup.


-Anti-Aging Face Cream

Designed For:​ All skin types, especially oily skin.

Product:​ This lightweight face cream is made with an amazing blend of peptides, proteins, and vitamins. The ingredients in this unique cream have been clinically proven to have a dramatic effect on wrinkles, both diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow feet....while also preventing the formation of new ones. We've then added scientifically proven emollients to add moisture and hydration to the skin, helping it to maintain its softness, suppleness and elasticity. Our Peptide Fortified Anti-Aging Cream will keep the skin healthy and youthful looking.

Suggested Use: Use twice daily on the face, neck and décolleté areas. Apply to clean and dry skin and gently massage until cream is fully absorbed.

-A Beautiful Blue Cosmetic Bag with gold embroidery (Canvas with plastic lining)

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