Choose Blue in Favor of Green

by Mojgan Anvari-Brumby

Why Blue Monarch is the Best Skincare Brand

With all the skincare brands on today’s market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding the very best one. This is especially true when trying to discover what is the best skincare brand in America.

Increasingly, more consumers are concerned with where their products come from and what ingredients they contain. For this reason, products that are labeled “natural” or “clean” prove to be popular picks. The trouble is, not all skincare companies are completely transparent about what makes their products “natural,” or “clean,” if, in fact, they really are.

This is what makes Blue Monarch Skincare different -- and dependable. You can shop our products with confidence because of our commitment to clean, safe, and cruelty-free skincare.

The Benefits of Being True Blue

Blue Monarch Skincare is the best skincare choice for anyone eager to go green.

We believe in our responsibility to our customers and also to our future generations who will inherit the earth, in whatever shape we leave it. More than just our bottom line, the Blue Monarch Skincare brand is concerned about the fate of our planet and determined to leave a lighter footprint than the one typically associated with the beauty industry. Our eco-conscious products are truly clean -- we do not package with single use plastics and all of our packaging is recyclable. 

The Bunny Knows Best

A kind brand, we never test any of our products on animals. We are proud of our distinction as a Leaping Bunny Certified Brand. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this designation, a Leaping Bunny Logo is the exclusive global symbol that guarantees zero animal testing occurred during the development and manufacture of a particular product.

This identifier is important because, similar to claims of “all natural” or “organic” products, some companies will simply identify their brands as “cruelty-free.” How is this possible?

Sadly, the FDA doesn't regulate “cruelty-free” labels so, therefore, cannot stop companies from using them without proof that they do not actually engage in or endorse animal testing. And the number of companies who capitalize on this fact is staggering.

Check out this complete list of 101 Beauty Brands that are Not Cruelty-Free in 2021.

Leaping Bunny provides consumers with third-party assurance, allowing them to shop with a clear conscience, which is why Blue Monarch Skincare proudly displays the Leaping Bunny logo on our website, product packaging, and marketing materials. To us, it’s a true badge of honor.

A Natural Fit

The ingredients we use in our formulations are safe for both people and the environment. Everything that goes into our products is scrutinized and tested by our dedicated internal safety team. We will not market a product to our customers before it has been screened and tested thoroughly.

All of our ingredients are natural and we only rely on natural preservatives to formulate our products and protect their shelf life. Every formulation is developed with a focus on sensitive skin and all of our products are made in America.

The ingredients featured in Blue Monarch’s products are celebrated for their efficacy in combating common skincare issues such as inflammation, redness, dryness, and signs of aging like wrinkles and dullness. From hydrating and healing properties to brightening and clarifying capabilities, Blue Monarch Skincare makes a difference in the lives of our customers.

Blue Monarch products have changed my life!! Seriously. My skin is extremely sensitive and is always super dry. Using the brightening face cream has given me so much confidence and has been my favorite product so far. I'm excited to use the other products!!”  -- Maddie Garber

A Brand Borne of Wise Women

Blue Monarch Skincare founder, Mojgan Brumby, launched this company, in part, as tribute to the formidable women in her family -- specifically her Iranian mother, grandmother and aunt -- who shared their wisdom and skincare recipes with her. As she explains, “They always had a remedy for everything. Persian women, they always want to look their best.”

Don’t we all?

When you’re ready to look your best and want to buy from a company that takes its commitment to consumers and the environment seriously, shop the Blue Monarch Skincare line.




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