Explore the Path to Leaving a Lighter Footprint 

by Mojgan Anvari-Brumby

Will You Leave Our Planet Better Than How You Found It? 

The Earth gives us so much and only asks to be kept healthy in return. Every day, we have opportunities to nurture our environment and act as its steward. These can be simple habits, like if you see garbage on the side of the road, pick it up along the way. If a hurt animal crosses your path, take the time to call for help. Or, if you plan to dine out and suspect you’ll have leftovers, bring your own Tupperware instead of relying on a restaurant’s paper supply of doggie bags. In addition to these daily opportunities, we all should invest in products that are good for us and good for the Earth. Making these small changes will benefit us now, our children later, and the planet in the long run. 

2.5 Billion metric tons of solid waste is produced all around the world and within that 275M metric tons is plastic waste and 8M metric tons of plastic goes into the ocean. The personal care industry is worth $500 billion per year. More than 120 billion units of packaging are produced globally every year by the cosmetics industry, less than 10% Of those packages are recycled and about 7.2 Billion pounds of single-use plastic flow into the ocean every year.

Steps to Take Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

For our children’s sake, there are measures we can take to ensure a healthier world. Certainly, the three “R’s” are always the best route of action: Reduce things like water use, reuse things like clothing, bags and bottles, and recycle paper and plastics in your daily life. Another great value to instill in your children is to nurture their green thumb. Not only will gardening and caring for the plants, flowers, and vegetation around us benefit the Earth, it’s also a fun activity that can bring you closer together and create lifelong memories. They say it takes a village to raise a child; we may just need the same amount of people to clean up this world of ours. Starting with our children -- the younger, the better -- can help all of us open doors towards a brighter future. 

Practice Skincare that Honors the Earth

Henry Ford once said that if everyone is working together, then success takes care of itself. When you purchase those items that end up in your bathroom and on your dresser, do you ever ask, “Is this product considerate to the Earth?” 

More than likely, you’re simply focused on whether the product is right for you and your skincare needs. At Blue Monarch, We certainly understand that, which is why we take great care to develop products that target skincare concerns effectively.  As it turns out, the best skincare brand is the one that offers solutions, while safeguarding our planet. 

The Green Nature of Blue Monarch Skincare

Blue Monarch is committed to providing quality skin care products that are natural and good to the Earth, making it the best skincare brand for those who have green ambitions, eager to reduce their carbon footprint.

The ingredients featured in our natural skincare products are packed with protein, minerals, and vitamins that get the green light from the planet. By saying no to synthetic ingredients, we keep our customers and the Earth safe from harm. The natural ingredients we rely on in our unique formulations are nothing but beneficial to your skin and harmless to Mother Earth. 

Did you know, for instance, that the manufacturing of natural skincare leaves animals out of the matter? In other words, natural skincare does not require -- or endorse -- animal testing and that, in turn, results in less of an environmental impact. 

Come explore the entire Blue Monarch line of natural skincare. Let this be your first step towards protecting your health and the planet. Start by taking our Skincare Questionnaire

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