About Blue Monarch Products

Blue Monarch Skincare

The more you know about our ingredients, the better you will appreciate our products, so please read our labels carefully. We take pride in what we do and uphold the standards of honesty, fairness, and integrity. We utilize only simple, efficient, recyclable packaging so that we may concentrate our efforts and costs on what is truly important: the substance and quality of our products.

We only use natural ingredients that are truly beneficial to the skin and only use natural preservatives in our formulations. Our intent is to utilize only the gentlest and most efficacious ingredients. Our products are always formulated with sensitive skin in mind.


Blue Monarch is committed to upholding the highest standards of safety for all the products it manufactures and sells. We adhere to the most rigorous standards for product safety so that our customers can purchase and use our products with complete confidence.

Every ingredient used in our products has been thoroughly reviewed and tested by our internal safety team. Every product formulation that we manufacture is screened and tested for safety before it is marketed to consumers. We proudly stand behind each product that we sell. If you would like additional information about the safety of cosmetics, please contact www.cosmeticsinfo.org


We at Blue Monarch love nature and all its creatures. We never conduct animal testing on our products, nor ask others to test on our behalf. Blue Monarch is a Leaping Bunny Certified Brand.


As we use only the finest natural ingredients known to us and minimal preservatives in our products, we offer the following guidelines to help you maintain the freshness and efficacy of Blue Monarch formulations for as long as possible:


We recommend that face creams be used within three months of purchase; body creams and oils should be used within six months of purchase. Cleansing products, including body cleansers, generally have a shelf-life of one year or more from date of purchase. In general, it is a good idea to refrigerate products to extend their lifespan.

Climate Control

Products should not be exposed to extreme heat, cold, or temperature changes and should be kept out of direct sunlight. Products should be kept in a cool, dry place.  Bathrooms are not usually ideal locations for product storage, because the temperature and humidity levels there change frequently.


We recommend use of sterile disposable, plastic spatulas or swabs with all creams packaged in jars - rather than fingers - to remove the product from the jar in order to decrease the potential introduction of bacteria from the fingertips into the product.
Please be sure to close lids tightly on all jars and to remove any residue from the spouts on bottles before each use. Bottle tops should be fully closed when storing product or between applications.
We utilize natural ingredients in our unique formulations, therefore, our products may vary in color and consistency with each new batch that we make. These natural variations do not in any way affect the quality or efficacy of the product.

We want you to enjoy and realize the maximum benefit from your Blue Monarch products. If you should ever have any questions about any of our products or their use, please do not hesitate to call on us at any time.